About us

The social role of women has changed throughout history, for centuries, society considered that women should be limited to fulfill their roles as mother and wife, over time we have shown that we are more and that we can achieve the impossible, Having children, work and husband were not an excuse but a push to achieve our goals.

We are the reflection of the woman of today.

Doralba Sanchez is the married woman, dedicated to her family, with 2 children, she takes care of her husband, she maintains her house, the market, the food and the payment of everything a day

Elisa Andrade for her part is the single Mother, decide to be a great example for her daughter and watch over the fulfillment of her daily activities, bodybuilder athlete and with multiple work to fulfill everything, keep payments up to date and the house in perfect order.

In this Mix of responsibilities and roles we believe we represent the woman of today in all senses, strong, independent, successful and capable of dedicating a quota of her time to take care of herself, what led us to make a Pact, and today is Our Pacto Bendito.

Not only do we decide to dream about showing women that you can get where you want, but we would do it at all costs, every step we take is loaded with challenges, setbacks, difficulties, but we continue without rest betting that we can inspire many girls, women and Ladies who want to live Healthy, flirtatious and look beautiful without neglecting their responsibility.

Pacto Bendito is «The religion of fitness» and it’s here to stay.

We are a Sportswear brand that reflects joy, vibrant color and innovative designs  from the first collection. We wanted to show you and transmit you  the vibes and energy we all need to start and face each day. We creates Outfit’s that not only look beautiful in your physical activity, but that you can also use to go to the bank, to the supermarket, to the children’s school and to all your responsibilities of the day.

Not only do we create fashion, we will be with you in your life style.